Mar 17, 2011

Help – my system is overloaded with data!

In response to a recent email from a colleague on performance problems at a customer site, I thought I would share some thoughts with you on how to remediate or avoid such problems. My edited version of the problem goes as follows: This customer bought Transaction on just one pilot project in order to evaluate it and see whether to roll it out elsewhere in the organization Their first project bulk loads work orders into SAP, which then processes them via a third party scheduling tool. They had an instance a few months ago where they had a melt down… Read more

Oct 15, 2010

Engineering prioritization

After reading this really interesting blog about “ruthless prioritization” of business opportunities, I realize how close this is to engineering prioritization of products. In a really dynamic enterprise product development environment of a company like ours, there is always an interesting balance to be maintained around business priority and engineering priority. Sales and Product Support want everything in the product, and they have good reasons for it. Being close to customers and evaluators is not an easy job. They can see that a user needs something in the product and they can also see the deals coming in – good… Read more