May 10, 2011

Approaches to SharePoint and SAP Integration

In my last two blog entires on SharePoint and SAP, I introduced the problems that SharePoint and SAP Integration may be able to solve. In this article, I talk about what are the different approaches available to provide this integration. There are a few different ways that SAP business processes can be exposed in SharePoint. Providing a link from SharePoint to SAP portal or providing an iView-based Web Part in SharePoint. This kind of the integration option does not really solve the problems listed in the last article — UI simplification or employee or partner enablement. Programming to connect a… Read more

Apr 21, 2011

SAP challenges that can be addressed by SharePoint integration

Companies that have implemented SAP face a few a common challenges that can be alleviated by a tight integration of SharePoint and SAP. This article gives some examples of such scenarios. Complex user interfaces Business processes supported by SAP require entering data into transactions that are generally quite complex and show a lot more fields and screens than are needed in the process. This problem can be solved to a large degree by exposing a simplified version of an SAP transaction on a SharePoint screen. This simplified page can contain all of the data fields required on one simple screen… Read more