Lean Data Management

May 4, 2015

Finding the Sweet Spot for SAP Process Automation

Taking a lean approach by assessing the value and cost for SAP process automation before implementation can help determine which processes will be of high value and low cost to the business.

Mar 30, 2015

Driving Top AND Bottom Line Benefits from Lean Data Management

Companies like Pactiv/Reynolds Consumer Corporation are leveraging Winshuttle’s lean data management platform’s capabilities to accelerate data collection, validation and movement providing market/revenue advantages over their competition.

Mar 2, 2015

How Great is Your Master Data?

Much like a proportionality rule enabled a man to measure the height of the Cheops Pyramid with a stick, when checking master data, if you’re able to synchronize measurements using the same point of reference, you’re more likely to find a simple efficient solution for correct data collection.

Feb 27, 2015

Lean Data Management Initiative Factors

When developing a lean data management approach, choosing the right initiatives like prioritizing inventory, determining relevant items to manage your data, and how quickly the process needs to be will help create effective data management solutions.

Feb 24, 2015

A Friction Free Financial Supply Chain

Businesses who have manual processes and don’t utilize standardized ways of processing create friction in the end-to-end process. Friction between a business and its business partners will constrain that business from functioning at its full potential. Companies can improve efficiency of their financial supply chain by giving finance departments improved controls by automating existing document-based processes.

Dec 19, 2014

Seeking value is a never-ending story

Applying lean techniques, or more specifically continuous improvement, is a long-term approach to work that systematically seeks to keep the value and reduce the waste of processes with small, incremental changes in order to improve efficiency and quality. Lean techniques can be applied to any kind of work, but it is perhaps best known for lean manufacturing. The challenge that most companies face is how to correctly prioritize and scope the improvements to be covered. To be successful, companies need to remember that planning and analysis of the improvements are key. After all of the possible improvements have been identified… Read more

Sep 23, 2014

Why be Lean in your Data Management?

The principles, techniques and methodologies of Lean Manufacturing focus on removing waste from production processes and keeping just those elements that add value–always with a continuous-improvement approach. The Lean concepts have been used with great results in a wide range of domains: Lean accounting, Lean IT, Lean HR, etc. But why should we apply them to data management? Just as the latest trend? So we can feel like hipsters in data management? Unfortunately not. We must apply Lean techniques to our data management to stay competitive. We have already talked in previous posts about the importance of the master data and… Read more

Mar 3, 2014

Revamp Your SAP Environment to Be Lean & Sustainable

When we speak with customers or prospects, they often speak fondly of the efficiency of their corporate operations. They have implemented lean management improvements methods for their SAP environments. Their improvements can be measured in terms of costs, time, information improvement, stock reduction and even working capital turns. However, there is a lot left to desire. After discussing what’s working for them, the discussion naturally diverts on their wish list for their ERP system.  We often hear frustrations on the lack of flexibility, scalability and lack of ease of use, especially for administrative tasks and for data entry. The decision on which ERP… Read more

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