Master Data Governance

Mar 25, 2019

Does your SAP data spark joy?

Spring has sprung! Along with reacquainting ourselves with the sun and seeing flowers and trees bloom again, many of us will partake in that annual ritual of cleaning our homes. Perhaps some of you got an early start by bingeing Marie Kondo’s “Tidying Up” on Netflix to finally get rid of that stretched-out Hard Rock Café Cancun t-shirt from spring break or the ticket stubs from that Hootie and the Blowfish concert. When you bag up that unused waffle maker or finally clean the crumbs off your keyboard (possibly with a Brushy!), don’t forget to apply the same principles to… Read more

Feb 27, 2015

Lean Data Management Initiative Factors

When developing a lean data management approach, choosing the right initiatives like prioritizing inventory, determining relevant items to manage your data, and how quickly the process needs to be will help create effective data management solutions.

Oct 2, 2014

To be or not to be on top of data quality for governance compliance

The industrial age began when companies were able to repeat endlessly the same process with a consistent result, which meant they could deliver their promises to a larger customer base. Today, there is no question for companies whether they should or should not be on top of data quality, or whether their governance should be compliant or not. For them, not to be compliant or not to be on top of data quality means reduced margins, a shrinking customer base and reduced access to vital markets. The barriers to data governance are erased when an organization adopts the techniques and best… Read more

Apr 25, 2014

Free white papers on master data governance

Over time more companies are realizing the importance of master data governance and established data governance programs are increasingly becoming commonplace. But there are also many companies, probably still the majority, who are only just getting started. If you are one of the pioneers of data governance within your organization, you have probably realized by now that there is a lot to learn. With the help from industry experts, we have put together a collection of white papers that will help improve your understanding of common challenges of master data governance. These free white papers cover various aspects of master… Read more

Apr 10, 2014

Get Started with Master Data Governance – At Collaborate ’14

This week we at Collaborate ’14 we’re having great conversations with Oracle customers on how to improve the quality of their master data. Lots of people have been coming through the booth for demos, but we’re also giving a talk tomorrow as part of the session program. This will be a good session to attend if you are just getting started with master data governance. We’ll cover some basic concepts and discuss some real-life examples of how data quality has a direct impact on the bottom line. Improve Master Data Quality with Excel and SharePoint Friday April 11, 11 am,… Read more

Jan 13, 2014

The Heavy Cost of Dirty Data And How to Clean It Up

I would assert that if asked- most companies agree that clean Master Data is incredibly important to their success. In a previous post we pointed out the importance of Master Data and the need to educate employees on the role of clean data. If all companies understand that Master Data is vital, why do so many companies fail to keep their data clean? By speaking to our customers on a daily basis, we’ve discovered an important ingredient to this mystery.  Our customers who are successful in achieving a high level of data integrity, have enrolled their employees on the importance of clean data. Alternatively,… Read more

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