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Jan 6, 2011

SAP GUI 720 and Winshuttle Transaction compatibility

Are you ready for SAP GUI 720 implementation? The good news is that Winshuttle Transaction 10.1 works with this version of the SAP GUI but be sure to check which patches you have applied to your SAP GUI installation, at the time of writing the latest available SAP patch was v4.Several customers have recently upgrade to SAP GUI 720 and encountered some unexpected outcomes. Unfortunately many of these could have been detected in advance if the roll out of the new GUI client had incorporated regression testing of Winshuttle products in advance. Winshuttle’s Transaction 10.1 works with SAP GUI 720…. Read more

Nov 5, 2010

Zip it

A customer at the WUG was commenting on one of their challenges being around ensuring that the Zip code in their Excel workbook was correct. As many of you are aware, incorrect Zip codes can lead to a wide variety of challenges not just in the logistics arena, but also in finance (sales tax jurisdiction) and of course it can mess with your statistical analysis in a variety of other areas too, take voting for example. Not only do Zip codes change as a result of Zip code rezoning, but new zip codes are added and whole suburbs reclassified –… Read more