Mar 3, 2014

Part 2: SAP User Process Analytics

Deepening SAP User – Process Understanding Recently, I wrote about the benefits of focusing transaction analysis on SAP processes such as order to cash, record to report, procure to pay, and material management in a blog post dated February 19th.  The discussion centered on using factors like transaction volume, process complexity, time savings and other metrics as a way to determine SAP business processes to improve.  Now let’s take a further look at these analytics by drilling deeper into the SAP transaction data – and get to the actual user level of analysis.  After conducting thousands of user interviews, value assessments, analyzing… Read more

Dec 20, 2013

NatSteel uses “Secret Sauce” to reduce SAP material creation processing by 30%!

  Heading into the New Year is always a great time for all of us to pause and reflect on progress made over the last 12 months. Many of us are reflecting on what we’ve accomplished, what we are working on and looking ahead to the excitement that lies ahead for 2014! What’s so exciting about 2014? Well, I am super stoked to see how our customers are evolving their SAP master data material creation (MM01) and maintenance business processes.  Why? We have been a long journey on the road to delivering flexible, adaptable and business user driven workflow solutions for… Read more

Jun 7, 2012

The condundrum of managing languages for materials in the world of SAP with MM01 and MM02

It’s been data clean up time, resulting from some data mangling as part of the demonstration routine. I thought I would look at a couple of optional ways to do this with Winshuttle Transaction. Around the release of v8.4 a couple of years ago, we introduced index based loops in Transaction for GUI scripting use on transaction screens that contained tables or grids. SAP users that are familiar with these types of screen artifacts know that the way these tables and grids have been developed have used a number of different types of navigation. In MM01 and MM02 for example,… Read more

Oct 25, 2011

Learnings from the Field – Extending Business Value Assessments with Usage Scenarios

As we have been evolving our Business Value Assessment (BVA) program, we are now in the process of extending the insights gained from the BVA to business-use case scenarios. How can clients know what potential opportunities exist within their entire organizations, where they have hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands ERP system users conducting an even greater number of transactions on a monthly basis? To gain an understanding of possible business usage scenarios requires “getting under the covers” of those MM01s, VA02s and tens of thousands of other SAP transactions. As we have conducted a series of value assessments… Read more

May 6, 2011

How to trim your waste-line

The advice writers always get when they can’t think of anything to write is write what you know. This is especially helpful for bloggers, since we have to create content on a regular basis, but don’t always have a great idea when it’s time to post. This month has been dominated by a consulting project for one of our customers. They are automating 4 key areas in their Master Data group. The amount of different tasks is lengthy, over 30 different processes are being automated, but only 6 transactions are being recorded. The MM01 transaction is being used in 7… Read more