Jun 7, 2012

The condundrum of managing languages for materials in the world of SAP with MM01 and MM02

It’s been data clean up time, resulting from some data mangling as part of the demonstration routine. I thought I would look at a couple of optional ways to do this with Winshuttle Transaction. Around the release of v8.4 a couple of years ago, we introduced index based loops in Transaction for GUI scripting use on transaction screens that contained tables or grids. SAP users that are familiar with these types of screen artifacts know that the way these tables and grids have been developed have used a number of different types of navigation. In MM01 and MM02 for example,… Read more

Feb 16, 2011

Some thoughts on Mass Data Creation and Change in SAP

A number of conversations recently with customers reemphasized the significance and risks associated with mass change in SAP environments and this prompted me to consider how we address safety measures associated with using Winshuttle products in such scenarios. I thought it might be useful to revisit these as we plan for the upcoming releases of Transaction and Runner and in particular consider new features and assess existing ones. Here are some items to consider on this topic, this is not meant to be prescriptive or exhaustive but should give you some ideas about deployment and sustainment of mass change and… Read more

Jan 29, 2011

Playing with Material Characteristics available under MM02

A customer recently had a mishap with material characteristics under MM02 and as many of you will know this is a nasty little set of views nested within one another under MM02 tab characteristics. It seems too, that there isn’t a nice clean way to extract and change this data. It is likely though, that some of you who have been winshuttling for a few years now, know how to do this using a variety of scripts and methods. There is another way now, using Winshuttle Direct with Winshuttle Transaction and this time using a Remote enabled Function Module (RFM)…. Read more

Sep 24, 2010

Why MM17 isn’t the answer to your question!

For many years, MM17, MASS and other SAP transactions were the preferred method of making changes to data in production systems. I used to do it myself, when I was lucky enough to have access to them. Soon most security teams figure out this can be dangerous and take away 99% of users access to the transactions. For the uninitiated, MM17 allows mass maintenance of a field on many records to one value.  Which can be useful if you want to block all of your materials before a product line change, but it isn’t a good way to make small scale changes.  It is… Read more