Order to Cash

Jul 8, 2014

When to Automate Your Sales Orders – and How

I recently hosted the Logistics & HR track at the inaugural EMEA Winshuttle User Group in Brussels. My original assumption was that sales orders are seldom automated in the SAP world. This is because order-to-cash (or, in contrast, complaint-to-refund) processes differ significantly and are configured in ways that force different system behavior. Here are three examples of how the sales orders across differ: A 30% pricing discount for staff sales at a Fast Moving Consumer Goods company is introduced automatically – a result of pricing procedure determination. Retail cash sales orders at an Apparel and Footwear company might not involve… Read more

Oct 1, 2012

When it comes to B to B -€“ a shopping cart technology may not achieve your objectives

I frequently get asked, is there some way I can use Winshuttle to load purchase orders or sales orders in my SAP system? And of course the answer is, it depends. Electronic shopping carts have been around for quite a long time now and were pivotal in the ecommerce space in that they allowed customers to understand what the product catalog looked like and what the relative availability of inventory was like. A lot of what you can or cannot do in the SAP world hinges on the secondary technologies that you may have deployed. I am talking here specifically… Read more

Oct 14, 2011

With size comes diversity – the WUG2011 – an insider perspective

The largest Winshuttle User Group meeting, held in Chicago just concluded and we had the great opportunity of being able to bring together a wide variety of members of the community from diverse industry sectors, members of the Winshuttle support organization, product engineering personnel from overseas, the product management team, and members of the Winshuttle Partner network. Not only did members of the community speak about how they use Winshuttle products but there were also exhibitions of upcoming functionality and some important announcements regarding new functionality in the standard products. Of particular interest in sessions that I attended, were the… Read more

Aug 18, 2011

SAP Order to Cash (O2C) process innovations – observations from the field…

Recently we conducted a several hundred interviews and surveys with our customers. And what was interesting as it related to SAP’s Order to Cash (O2C) process was the variety of ways that our clients have used Winshuttle to develop innovative solutions for optimizing SAP Order to Cash business processes. Thought I would share with you some of those highlights. In the area of SAP Data Entry (e.g. VA21 – sales quotation creation, VA01 sales order creation, VL01N delivery creation, VF01 billing invoice creation and F-28 posting incoming payments), broad reaches of customers are using Winshuttle’s capability for easy form and… Read more

Apr 28, 2011

Creating a lazy ATP check while creating orders with VA01 in SAP

There are a couple of reports that you can run out of SAP that are able to tell you what inventory you have available to fulfill orders but there are also scenarios where you want to be able to do a simulation of an order that actually checks inventory levels. The order entry transaction VA01 supports the checking of inventory (ATP – Availability to Promise) as part of the order entry process and a few extra keystrokes in this screen can give you visibility into inventory levels. Since you are possibly using VA01 to create orders in your SAP system… Read more