Feb 24, 2014

Which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) should be used for your finance organization?

Becoming more strategic to the business is an increasingly important aspiration for finance organizations. There is a constant need for commercially astute and sound financial analysis of how the business is doing.  Better analysis with deeper consideration and qualification helps the business strategically, particularly when times are economically tough. But determining which KPIs the finance department uses is key. KPIs  Benchmark Efficiency It’s no secret that finance departments rely on KPIs to benchmark their efficiency and effectiveness. KPIs should also prove whether or not the finance department understand, support and help drive the overall business strategy, all while demonstrating commercial acumen. Acumen… Read more

May 11, 2011

Diagnosing performance bottlenecks in your SAP environment when using Winshuttle integration

Your BASIS administrators will tell you that your SAP system is idling along with 10% system utilization and plenty of memory and few or no system locks. So why are your users complaining that their batch upload processes are taking so long or that that form is taking too long to respond? The answer isn’t a simple one. There are many factors that influence overall system response time and the length of time it takes to complete a load. Here are a couple of areas that you should consider with respect to your environment and some areas you may want… Read more

Mar 17, 2011

Help – my system is overloaded with data!

In response to a recent email from a colleague on performance problems at a customer site, I thought I would share some thoughts with you on how to remediate or avoid such problems. My edited version of the problem goes as follows: This customer bought Transaction on just one pilot project in order to evaluate it and see whether to roll it out elsewhere in the organization Their first project bulk loads work orders into SAP, which then processes them via a third party scheduling tool. They had an instance a few months ago where they had a melt down… Read more