Feb 20, 2012

Taming Maverick Spending in the P2P Process

So today’s discussion centers around the whole procure to pay process and the related impact of the diminishing role of direct spend with the associated increase in indirect spend. A lot of this change has to do with the “right-sourcing” of traditional industries and the resulting increase of service and information technology companies – less purchase of direct goods for manufacturing (with a smaller universe of suppliers) with increased indirect spend with a vastly larger group of suppliers. All of this makes for a very challenging environment for procure to pay business processing market adaptation, and drives employees to maverick… Read more

Mar 30, 2011

Are you ready to create a collaboration storm?

Winshuttle recently held a User Group conference in London and I was lucky enough to meet with customers and colleagues back to back with the SAP Insider Financials show in Las Vegas the week prior. It is very easy at these events to meet with many people and gather an awful lot of information about how different Winshuttle customers and SAP customers in particular are using technology to overcome some of their most painful data processing problems in SAP. I had interesting conversations with some of these folks about the ways that they were trying to facilitate collaboration across the… Read more