Mar 25, 2019

Does your SAP data spark joy?

Spring has sprung! Along with reacquainting ourselves with the sun and seeing flowers and trees bloom again, many of us will partake in that annual ritual of cleaning our homes. Perhaps some of you got an early start by bingeing Marie Kondo’s “Tidying Up” on Netflix to finally get rid of that stretched-out Hard Rock Café Cancun t-shirt from spring break or the ticket stubs from that Hootie and the Blowfish concert. When you bag up that unused waffle maker or finally clean the crumbs off your keyboard (possibly with a Brushy!), don’t forget to apply the same principles to… Read more

Jun 29, 2016

Take a Round-Trip with Winshuttle Studio

In this post, learn how Winshuttle Studio can be used to optimize the creation and maintenance of your data in SAP, including round-trip scenarios

Apr 11, 2014

Using Data to Manage Your Inventory Levels

The term “understocking” refers to maintaining an insufficient quantity of inventory for the demand. While organizations and business partners often complain about stock-outs (when inventory is exhausted), understocking is just as big of a problem. Inventory maintenance is difficult for companies to gauge the perfect amount of inventory they should carry. Businesses determine when to replenish supplies based on various factors, including: Inventory turn rates Location Inventory replenishment cycles The turn-around-time associated with replenishment The characteristics of the cost of inventory Companies often operate with much smaller safety stock levels for more expensive lines of products. Other examples of varying… Read more

Feb 17, 2014

Five Rules to Maximize Your Data Reporting Effectiveness

Five Rules to Maximize Your Data Reporting Effectiveness What would you say is the most important commodity to any company’s success? I would argue that data is the most vital commodity to any company’s success. In fact data is probably the main reasons your company implemented an ERP solution like SAP. Data is critical to any organization, yet our ability to create and store more information- has created more problems. Data and reporting continue to be one of the most talked about topics including; the rate at which it’s growing, and the types of information being managed and analyzed.  Even… Read more

Dec 17, 2013

Defy the Spreadmart Wave – Accurate Data at Your Finger Tips

You know the old saying that “Knowledge is Power”? While I still believe that it is absolutely true today, the ability to access mass amounts of data has created a new issue.  There is now an overabundance of data and often company “knowledge” is inaccurate. How does your company handle your data? Are you mainly analyzing your Excel documents- which get passed around? It’s not hard to deduct why spreadsheets are used. They are easy to work with, pretty much anyone can create one. The spreadsheet creator gets to decide what metrics and data are important, and how the data is… Read more

Jul 17, 2012

How to hide sensitive SAP information in Query Reports

Winshuttle Query is great for adding security on top of the native SAP security to limit users down to the field level. Security administrators can even configure Query to perform custom security checks, restrict or exclusively allow one or multiple tables within an authorization group. What about when we want users to have access to the data but we need to hide or scramble personally identifiable information such as tax id, bank routing, bank account number or show only the last 4 digits of the Social Security number? Winshuttle Query natively supports Excel formulas and functions in the mapper. This… Read more

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