Dec 7, 2018

Don’t fight the robots, embrace them

In the next few years, all those predictable activities in structured environments will be easily automated with robots. Understand how machines are going to change your job so that you can adapt. Try to make robots your ally, your partner, not your enemy.

Sep 28, 2016

How Process Automation Will Transform Your Finance Function

Periodic reviews of how your business is performing based on tactical and strategic goals is a part of everyday business. As part of this process at Winshuttle, I get to attend meetings with various teams to discuss success and the opportunities that are in flight. A recurring theme I’ve noticed is the challenge of understanding where Winshuttle products fall in relation to process automation. An interesting question was brought up around where a robotic process might be useful in comparison with a set of Winshuttle bound processes. Questions like this arise in sales cycles, but more often than not the… Read more

Apr 2, 2014

The Rise of the Robots in the Back Office

At the SAPInsider Financials show, in Orlando, this past March, my colleague and I conducted a small experiment with a small number of conference delegates. To determine attendees opinions on what automation means to their work and how they viewed the importance of automation in the context of their daily work (while working with SAP and other ERP systems), we surveyed attendees. We are about to launch an upcoming finance automation survey and wanted to compare these results with the conference attendees feedback. There is a school of thought that suggests automation is becoming even more popular. We know it… Read more