Feb 18, 2013

Just run with it

Software really isn’t my life. It is a tool, a means to an end. I want to make a print of a holiday picture, or type a recommendation letter for my realtor. Truly, there is a long list of things I’d rather be doing than exploring a software program. The same is true for my work life. Although software tools have become an integral part of a technical writer’s job, they aren’t the focus. At least, they really shouldn’t be. If I want to format text and capture and organize thoughts, I shouldn’t have to dig into Visual Basic or… Read more

Feb 16, 2011

Some thoughts on Mass Data Creation and Change in SAP

A number of conversations recently with customers reemphasized the significance and risks associated with mass change in SAP environments and this prompted me to consider how we address safety measures associated with using Winshuttle products in such scenarios. I thought it might be useful to revisit these as we plan for the upcoming releases of Transaction and Runner and in particular consider new features and assess existing ones. Here are some items to consider on this topic, this is not meant to be prescriptive or exhaustive but should give you some ideas about deployment and sustainment of mass change and… Read more

Dec 7, 2010

Content is King

It has been a busy week and half on the content side here in product management at Winshuttle. Content development and review has reached a feverish pitch as we busy ourselves reviewing the use cases for our products and more particularly TRANSACTION, DIRECT and RUNNER. It is interesting to see just how pervasive the use of the products are with the various Winshuttle customers. The breadth is quite impressive I have to say and the flexibility of the products enables end-to-end automation of many different kinds of business processes that rely heavily on data inputs. Keep watching the Winshuttle blogs… Read more