Nov 27, 2012

SAP GUI 730 and Winshuttle compatibility

SAP GUI 7.20 drops out of mainstream support in April 2013. SAP GUI 7.30 has been available to SAP Customers since June of this year. The following high level attributes of this release are : Corbu Design: This design comes with a reduced contrast when compared to SAP Signature Design and improves the integration of SAP GUI into other SAP components like NWBC which also offer Corbu Designs. Signature Color Themes: New color themes can be applied system and client specific: Users are enabled to easily select different Signature color themes for test, development or productive systems and clients etc…. Read more

Jan 6, 2011

SAP GUI 720 and Winshuttle Transaction compatibility

Are you ready for SAP GUI 720 implementation? The good news is that Winshuttle Transaction 10.1 works with this version of the SAP GUI but be sure to check which patches you have applied to your SAP GUI installation, at the time of writing the latest available SAP patch was v4.Several customers have recently upgrade to SAP GUI 720 and encountered some unexpected outcomes. Unfortunately many of these could have been detected in advance if the roll out of the new GUI client had incorporated regression testing of Winshuttle products in advance. Winshuttle’s Transaction 10.1 works with SAP GUI 720…. Read more