SAP master data

Apr 25, 2019

SAP Product Data – It’s more than just materials

If you’re running your manufacturing operations using an SAP ERP system you know there’s a mountain of master data behind each product. But it’s more than just materials. And while materials are the largest and most complex data object involved in manufacturing, is not the only data you need to create and manage—far from it. Depending on whether your materials are made or bought, you’ll also need data like BoMs, routings & recipes, vendors, source lists, costings, pricing conditions, etc. Typical SAP data objects in the manufacturing process Creating and maintaining all that data is a real challenge for many… Read more

Dec 28, 2017

Application Data: The Other 90%

In this post, learn the distinct differences between master data and application data, and how your organization can improve your SAP data management.

Mar 16, 2014

Winshuttle Customers at SAP Insider Financials 2014

The SAP Insider Financials 2014 show kicks off in Orlando this week and I am pleased that two important Winshuttle customers will be speaking! First, Andy Hart from Rowan Companies, will present solutions to overcoming common challenges faced by accountants working with assets in the SAP. If you’re interested in tips about creating large volumes of asset master data and recording large numbers of transfers, then this is a session you don’t want to miss! Session: Overcoming SAP Fixed Asset Challenges: Master Data Maintenance, PPE Roll-Forward, Transfers, and Depreciation Andy Hart, Rowan Companies and Clinton Jones, Winshuttle Wednesday, March 19, 2014 11:30 am… Read more