Aug 31, 2011

Lessons from the world of tablet retail

There’s a shakeup going on in the world of retail and it is all around price, performance, features and support. I am talking specifically about the ongoing battle between Apple’s IPAD, the various Android tablets and HP’s Touchpad. I’d include the Windows ones in here but there are so few of them and the relative level of market penetration is so low, that they really are not much talked about at all. The announcement a couple of weeks back by HP that they would discontinue the HP Touchpad resulted in what was termed a ‘fire-sale’ as the online HP store… Read more

Apr 28, 2011

Creating a lazy ATP check while creating orders with VA01 in SAP

There are a couple of reports that you can run out of SAP that are able to tell you what inventory you have available to fulfill orders but there are also scenarios where you want to be able to do a simulation of an order that actually checks inventory levels. The order entry transaction VA01 supports the checking of inventory (ATP – Availability to Promise) as part of the order entry process and a few extra keystrokes in this screen can give you visibility into inventory levels. Since you are possibly using VA01 to create orders in your SAP system… Read more