Mar 9, 2014

What Should We Do With SharePoint Now?

  Until recently being surpassed by Office 365, SharePoint was the fastest-growing server product Microsoft has ever had. According to Microsoft, SharePoint is used by 78% of Fortune 500 companies. Most of us are keenly aware why it has such high popularity, including offering a wide array of features and being able to accomplish a ton of tasks. Companies have grown to rely on it for intranet portals, document management, collaboration, social networks, extranets, websites, and business intelligence. A downside for many companies was allowing each individual group to organically roll-out their own SharePoint and choose unique requirements.  For many… Read more

Mar 6, 2014

Powerful Collaboration at SPC14

My third day at the SPC14 proved to be the most productive. I met with several people whom either knew about Winshuttle or simply wanted to learn more. Our conversations were a sharing of ideas and thoughts on the new SharePoint announcements and news. During an hour and half long executive round table discussion, I got a chance to listen how other users; including executives and IT Pros, are affected by SharePoint challenges.   The sprawling Venetian large screens displayed 3 topics: Business, Trends and Challenges and invited attendees to join. Led by a Microsoft facilitator, I chose to participate… Read more

Mar 5, 2014

Highlights of SPC 2014 – Bridging Gaps Between SAP and SharePoint

At the close of day two, my general impression of the SharePoint conference 2014 so far is: strange timing. The conference comes after SharePoint 2013 has just reached an SP1 milestone, and for an informed attendee there isn’t much to discover.  Microsoft has the same focus as last year, on applications, only with a little added clarity and guidance of more advanced scenarios. The main focus of Microsoft’s is social, including new features; such as Yammer SDK, and OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) for Business Mac. However, the majority of neat features highlighted requires consumers to wait patiently until their release. There… Read more

Mar 4, 2014

SharePoint Conference 2014 Takeaways

After the close of first day of this year’s SharePoint Conference I’d like to share my key takeaways.  The key themes of the conference are altering the way we work together to ensure we maximize our efforts. As Bill Clinton, the keynote speaker, took the stage, I assumed he would be speaking about his work at Clinton Foundation. During his speech, people around me could be heard speculating as to whether Mr. Clinton would somehow talk about his SharePoint experience. Even the Winshuttle crew we joked “I want to know what Bill Clinton knows about SharePoint, whether he uses it, and what… Read more

Feb 24, 2014

SPC14, Winshuttle and the Peanut Butter Cup Effect

I grew up in the 80’s with corny music, goofy movies and ridiculous fashion styles. However, there is something we can learn from an early 80’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercial. Which leads me to our peanut butter cup effect: “Your SharePoint is in my SAP! Your SAP is in my SharePoint!” Today, SharePoint has proven its maturity in the enterprise space. From retention policies to fully governed collaboration and social usages, there is still room to grow. Alongside the almost ubiquitous use of SAP for ERP purposes, the combination of SharePoint and Winshuttle helps make these disparate systems come together seamlessly… Read more

Nov 12, 2012

Consider Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for a Business Process Improvement Platform

Microsoft describes SharePoint as a ‘business collaboration platform for the enterprise and the Web’. It can be run both internally (intranet) and externally (extranet). Although some effort is required to harden the implementation for public-facing web sites, it is positioned as having everything that you might require to build and run web-based applications. No specialist developer skills are required to implement and administer SharePoint, however, there are some benefits to having more than a very basic knowledge and understanding of how the technologies work. With SharePoint 2010’s release, numerous enhancements were introduced including multilingual support [3] that enables inexperienced end… Read more

Oct 25, 2012

What good is big data if it’s all wrong in the first place?

Every conference I attend is almost guaranteed to have Big Data as a main course on the agenda. The focus is usually on how to manage it once you have it, how to get by with what you’re stuck with, and how in-memory technology can help you access it better.  My view is, why not get it as clean as possible on the way in? Winshuttle for Master Data may contain a number of very useful and critical components of data maintenance and data governance, but the basics of it are very straight-forward. Within minutes I can: Design, create and… Read more

Jul 10, 2012

Winshuttle and “The Secrets to Successful Strategy Execution”

After reading many articles on strategy and business execution over the years, I recently read the Harvard Business Review article -“The Secrets to Successful Strategy Execution“. The article is 4 years old and worth a read if you haven’t done so. This article matches the work I’m doing around mapping Winshuttle solutions to strategic corporate initiatives. The article identifies “Information Flow” as a one of the key levers of organizations that excel at strategic execution. Measuring and collecting data associated with office process are key component of the “Information Flow” discussed in article. Master data is the DNA of all… Read more

Jul 9, 2012

Stop being busy and get some things done

Are your work days “busy” but the things you need to get done aren’t getting done? Do you leave work every day with more work to do than when you arrived in the morning? Although this sounds like opening lines for a motivational speaker seminar or an infomercial, I found out how ageless and pervasive the problem was when I asked my daughter to clean her room. The room cleaning order came with both the “work hard rule” and “no-goofing around warning”. After two hours, I returned to a room that looked worse than when she started. She claimed she… Read more

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