Six Sigma

Feb 24, 2015

A Friction Free Financial Supply Chain

Businesses who have manual processes and don’t utilize standardized ways of processing create friction in the end-to-end process. Friction between a business and its business partners will constrain that business from functioning at its full potential. Companies can improve efficiency of their financial supply chain by giving finance departments improved controls by automating existing document-based processes.

Mar 9, 2014

What Should We Do With SharePoint Now?

  Until recently being surpassed by Office 365, SharePoint was the fastest-growing server product Microsoft has ever had. According to Microsoft, SharePoint is used by 78% of Fortune 500 companies. Most of us are keenly aware why it has such high popularity, including offering a wide array of features and being able to accomplish a ton of tasks. Companies have grown to rely on it for intranet portals, document management, collaboration, social networks, extranets, websites, and business intelligence. A downside for many companies was allowing each individual group to organically roll-out their own SharePoint and choose unique requirements.  For many… Read more

Feb 24, 2014

Which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) should be used for your finance organization?

Becoming more strategic to the business is an increasingly important aspiration for finance organizations. There is a constant need for commercially astute and sound financial analysis of how the business is doing.  Better analysis with deeper consideration and qualification helps the business strategically, particularly when times are economically tough. But determining which KPIs the finance department uses is key. KPIs  Benchmark Efficiency It’s no secret that finance departments rely on KPIs to benchmark their efficiency and effectiveness. KPIs should also prove whether or not the finance department understand, support and help drive the overall business strategy, all while demonstrating commercial acumen. Acumen… Read more