Feb 17, 2014

Five Rules to Maximize Your Data Reporting Effectiveness

Five Rules to Maximize Your Data Reporting Effectiveness What would you say is the most important commodity to any company’s success? I would argue that data is the most vital commodity to any company’s success. In fact data is probably the main reasons your company implemented an ERP solution like SAP. Data is critical to any organization, yet our ability to create and store more information- has created more problems. Data and reporting continue to be one of the most talked about topics including; the rate at which it’s growing, and the types of information being managed and analyzed.  Even… Read more

Jul 9, 2012

How to download SAP structure data with Winshuttle Query

Let me start off by saying that structures in and of themselves do not contain data. By definition, a structure is a skeleton of a table which “forms the basic framework of the axes in a table (rows or columns)”. That still doesn’t change the fact that many of us every day SAP users still need to download the data we see in a transaction code regardless of where it is stored on the backend or how it is derived. Technical users know how to backtrack from the data element, run a trace or read and write code to find… Read more

Apr 5, 2011

When should I use Winshuttle Transaction to create a ‘report’ versus Winshuttle Query?

In response to a number of questions that have come up recently regarding the capabilities of reporting with Transaction versus Query, I thought I would share these with you by way of a blog post. Winshuttle offers three methods of extracting and reporting data from your SAP system: The first and most preferred method is through the use of Winshuttle Query, a desktop query building application that allows you to join ERP tables, Infosets, and logical databases together in a way that enables you to extract ERP data (including custom fields and tables). This data can be furnished to the… Read more