Supply Chain Management

Oct 7, 2015

Supply Chain Management: Get Lean or Die

How Toyota used a lean approach to supply chain management to lead global car sales in 2008, and how this concept can help improve your SCM processes today.

Sep 2, 2015

How the Internet of Things will transform your Supply Chain

In order to profit from the IoT revolution, organizations need to leverage analytics and define new processes along the entire supply chain. Companies are already using the IoT in areas such as proactive replenishment or predictive maintenance.

Apr 9, 2015

Another Successful SAP Insider SCM Logistics Conference in the Books

While at the 2015 SAP Insider SCM conference last week, I was reminded of the first SCM conference I attended back in 2008. As I reflect on what has changed in my career path over the course of the years, its interested to note how Winshuttle has evolved as well.

Sep 5, 2014

Solving the ERP Paradox, back to Lean

In a previous post we looked at ERP Paradox in Supply Chain Management Processes and how an ERP implementation that was supposed to be a change for good and give us a competitive edge turned into a rigid corset for our business processes. The “pace layering in enterprise systems” concept that we reviewed is without any doubt an improvement for this. It allows us to have more flexible layers over the rigid ERP backbone, But what specific actions should we perform to get back to the Lean way of life after an ERP implementation? Here are three steps to take. 1.-Make continuous… Read more

Jun 18, 2014

The ERP Paradox in Supply Chain Management Processes

Since the early 1990s, most companies have gone through significant transformation to implement big ERP systems, such as SAP or Oracle. This change was typically driven by finance, in order to have more robust IT systems. Of course, it was not only implemented for financial reasons. In most cases, these companies ended up moving all of their disperse systems to an integrated ERP system. However, a paradox came with the ERP implementation: What was supposed to be a system to increase efficiency and competitive advantage turned out to be a system that required a huge amount data input from end-users,… Read more

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