Nov 18, 2016

Friday Features Series: Allowed Values

This blog series explores interesting Winshuttle product features. This post dives into utilizing the new Allowed Values feature in Studio v11.

May 25, 2012

Disparate technologies potentially represent supportability and usability risks.

At face value, SAP’s recent acquisitions of Ariba, Syclo and Successfactors have little in common with one another. The common denominator seems to be the the shift from on-premise technology to cloud based technologies and SaaS in general but with the twist of mobility enablement but they are all likely all built on different technology stacks. The fact that Ariba has been around for 16 years and has successfully demonstrated a viable market for Spend and Contract Management undoubtedly helps justify the $45 per share but perhaps even more interesting, is the synergies with existing SAP technologies. There seem to… Read more

Dec 6, 2011

Three steps to awesome form design

Two recent articles that I read, Jakob Nielsen’sand John Brinkman’s got me to thinking that it was probably time to revisit this very topical subject. In the world of SAP, it comes as no surprise that people want to retain the rich functionality of the ERP system but get away with doing less in terms of data entry or at very least spend less time entering data. Technologists will conjure up an infinite number of ways for you to achieve your business objectives and the web, mobile or form enablement of some of the entry and extract methods people want… Read more

May 16, 2011

There’s more to life than meets the UI

Simplification is the way forward. There are just too many great programs, websites, and apps out there to be wasting time on the bad ones. Computing devices have changed, business needs have changed but most important of all, users’ expectations have changed. The mobile phone industry has introduced applications of all sorts to billions of people around the world. With advances in mobile and smart phone technologies come more knowledgeable consumers. We expect much more from a phone, as we do from any website we browse. The iPhone has taught me to love the design of a brilliant app, to… Read more

May 10, 2011

Approaches to SharePoint and SAP Integration

In my last two blog entires on SharePoint and SAP, I introduced the problems that SharePoint and SAP Integration may be able to solve. In this article, I talk about what are the different approaches available to provide this integration. There are a few different ways that SAP business processes can be exposed in SharePoint. Providing a link from SharePoint to SAP portal or providing an iView-based Web Part in SharePoint. This kind of the integration option does not really solve the problems listed in the last article — UI simplification or employee or partner enablement. Programming to connect a… Read more

Apr 29, 2011

Usability is about satisfying the user

In a previous blog post, I pointed out some of the reasons I tend to focus more on software users than I do on customers who buy our products, in my article: Interviewing Customers & Usability. Since then, I came across a short video that helps clarify the distinction between designing software for users versus designing for customers. The video was created by my colleague, John Boykin, a web designer, who came up with a creative way to explain why his colleagues’ or clients’ opinions and preferences—including his own—are less important to him than those of the users of the… Read more

Apr 26, 2011

Putting the business back in the driver’s seat

Michael Doane, the well respected author of the SAP Blue Book and the SAP Green Book, has published an excellent article on his blog about the pressing need for getting the business back in control when it comes to ongoing process improvements. For way too long, there has been excessive focus on improving the technology itself rather than concentrating on how the business gets value from it. Doane’s article was a comforting read because the key message on the need for customers to move into the business realm of SAP is exactly one of the core principles guiding the product… Read more

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