Mar 19, 2014

VA01 Sales Order Creation: How to Avoid Annoying Pop-ups

Anyone who has cut their teeth into working with Winshuttle and SAP has probably come to realize that Sales Order Creation transactions like VA21 and VA01 work differently from transactions like FB50, ME21 or ME51. In the sales order process, just as for procurement and some other areas of SAP, you have the ability to not only enter header data and order lines, but also schedule those lines for delivery to specific locations on specific dates. Depending on your SAP system configuration, however, you may run into pop-ups and other behaviors that make it difficult to build a robust Winshuttle… Read more

Feb 22, 2012

The Big Grid – Addressing high data demands with Excel and Transaction

I have had to respond to a couple of comments/questions lately on Microsoft Excel limitations that I wanted to explore, and for you to consider in the context of determining what the best options are for you with respect to Excel and SAP integration. Some important things to consider is that Excel 2010 comes with no specific limitations on the number of rows other than the general characteristics of the machine on which it is being run. Well sort of. There have been some numbers bandied about regarding a limitation of just over a million rows, however, there are some… Read more

Oct 25, 2011

Learnings from the Field – Extending Business Value Assessments with Usage Scenarios

As we have been evolving our Business Value Assessment (BVA) program, we are now in the process of extending the insights gained from the BVA to business-use case scenarios. How can clients know what potential opportunities exist within their entire organizations, where they have hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands ERP system users conducting an even greater number of transactions on a monthly basis? To gain an understanding of possible business usage scenarios requires “getting under the covers” of those MM01s, VA02s and tens of thousands of other SAP transactions. As we have conducted a series of value assessments… Read more

Apr 28, 2011

Creating a lazy ATP check while creating orders with VA01 in SAP

There are a couple of reports that you can run out of SAP that are able to tell you what inventory you have available to fulfill orders but there are also scenarios where you want to be able to do a simulation of an order that actually checks inventory levels. The order entry transaction VA01 supports the checking of inventory (ATP – Availability to Promise) as part of the order entry process and a few extra keystrokes in this screen can give you visibility into inventory levels. Since you are possibly using VA01 to create orders in your SAP system… Read more