Value Assessment

May 21, 2012

Onsite Observations

As many of you know, part of Winshuttle’s core value is the capacity enablement or productivity gains associated with the variety of ways you can manage SAP data (e.g. data extraction, upload, workflow use cases). Recently, we conducted several onsite value assessment projects where we analyzed SAP transactions, identifying key processes and users. Then we spent 20-30 minutes with each of them to uncover more details about the specific ways they are using the identified processes. This post is really just about some of the observations from these onsite discussions with real SAP users that process business transactions on a… Read more

Mar 27, 2012

Workflow Usability – Assessing Time and Value

In recent blogs, my discussions have focused on the value associated with changing business processes from a workflow usability perspective—for example, the time savings and capacity enablement realized from streamlining a multi-screen material master data update or leveraging the ability to round trip data from SAP, updating in Excel and uploading to SAP. However, there is another significant area of cost savings associated with improving business processes: the original development and ongoing change management associated with business process innovation. So, in this blog and the next one, we will focus on a couple of key areas where this is clearly… Read more