Vendor Master Data

Apr 14, 2014

A Cause of Delivery Errors – Similar Street Names

I never paid much attention to address prefixes and suffixes until I moved to the Pacific North West.  Among the Seattle area streets you can easily find yourself at the corner of 132nd and oddly enough – 132nd!  The official street names for one particular intersection in Kirkland, WA is 132nd Ave NE and NE 132nd St.  In this case, avenues run north and south and streets run east and west.  An even better example is a three-way intersection; Actual sign in Seattle, WA Bellevue Pl. E, Bellevue Ave. E and Bellevue Ct. E, in Seattle, WA. It only took me two… Read more

Dec 26, 2013

What are the Components of a Perfect SAP End-User?

I recently spent a day with a data manager at an Oil and Gas industry company. Observing this data manager provided an ah-ha moment, that I hadn’t thought of before. What skills are necessary for the perfect SAP end-user?  The focus of the day was to design and simplify their automation of their vendor creation process. This data manager was getting his hands dirty, attempting to record and map the data object into Excel spreadsheets.  Observing and interacting with him provided an epiphany of which skills work well when applying design thinking. I started to wonder if the modern end-user… Read more

Jun 6, 2013

Verify customer and vendor addresses using SAP Data Services

Winshuttle has native support for validating form data against business rules configured in SAP even before submitting the request. This is important because it means there is no need for replicating this logic outside of SAP. In addition, Winshuttle can also include value-added rules that are not usually stored in SAP. Examples of this are simple rules for automatically filling in default values based on values in a few initial fields. For more advanced validation of data such as address verification, SAP Data Services offer valuable complementary capabilities. It is possible to build a customer request form like the one… Read more