Web Forms

Jan 15, 2015

Web forms: The good, the bad and the ugly

We all have experience interacting with forms on the web. On-line purchases, web registrations and subscriptions and travel bookings are among the many ways we daily interact with companies in our connected lives.  The experience can be a pleasant one – quick and efficient, or it can be frustrating experience. Much of this depends on the design of the form presented to us. This article intends to shed some light on what constitutes good vs bad design. Here are some of my personal likes and dislikes from experiences with web-based applications:    The form is responsive:  Reaction to invalid input should… Read more

Nov 28, 2012

SAP “F4 Help” in a web form

A promising new feature of the 10.4 release of the Winshuttle platform is the support for “F4 Help” in a web form. When completing a transaction in SAP, many fields require reference data which is designated by abbreviated codes. For example, when entering ‘Agriculture’ in a field denoting ‘Industry,’ you may be using ‘AGR’ as the code. In most SAP transactions, there are many fields relying on such codes. These short codes are great for power users who are heavy users of a few transactions on a day-to-day basis. However, when these power users cannot remember the codes or when… Read more

Sep 14, 2011

Groaning Shelves – avoiding Shelf Ware in the world of SAP

I have just spent the past week in meetings with our sales organization and one of the topics that came up as a topic line was the concept of Shelf ware. Enterprise Irregular Ray Wang wrote in 2010 that In the latest Software Insider survey, 57% of global enterprises own more software licenses than deployed Shelf ware of course is an interesting concept in that it is not something that a given organization ever intentionally invests in. In the realm of enterprise systems however there is almost always some software that lands up being bought but never gets implemented. The… Read more