Winshuttle Designer

Jun 6, 2012

Solution Lifecycle Management with Winshuttle Designer

For workflow-based processes, Winshuttle Designer is the tool that brings it all together. In Winshuttle Designer, you combine SAP upload and download scripts created with Winshuttle Transaction and Winshuttle Query with forms and workflow to build a complete solution that automates an entire business process. This solution constitutes a number of different artifacts: Workflow definition Form view(s) Transaction script(s) Query scripts(s) Currently, when moving a complete solution from one environment to another (ie. from a development environment to a production environment) you have to manually migrate each of these artifacts. This can be a cumbersome process, particularly if you have… Read more

Mar 27, 2012

Workflow Usability – Assessing Time and Value

In recent blogs, my discussions have focused on the value associated with changing business processes from a workflow usability perspective—for example, the time savings and capacity enablement realized from streamlining a multi-screen material master data update or leveraging the ability to round trip data from SAP, updating in Excel and uploading to SAP. However, there is another significant area of cost savings associated with improving business processes: the original development and ongoing change management associated with business process innovation. So, in this blog and the next one, we will focus on a couple of key areas where this is clearly… Read more