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Apr 19, 2016

Foundation v11.1 series: Getting Ready for SAPPHIRE NOW

You may have seen my blogs on various data governance topics, but this is my first product blog series related to my day job at Winshuttle.  Over the past year, I’ve been involved in product development efforts leading up to the launch of our Foundation v11.1 product at SAP’s SAPPHIRE NOW conference. These are exciting times at Winshuttle, with the recent release of our Studio v11 desktop product and now Foundation v11.1 on the horizon.  In this blog series, I will share how this new offering will help you achieve better data with less effort to propel your business forward…. Read more

Mar 19, 2014

VA01 Sales Order Creation: How to Avoid Annoying Pop-ups

Anyone who has cut their teeth into working with Winshuttle and SAP has probably come to realize that Sales Order Creation transactions like VA21 and VA01 work differently from transactions like FB50, ME21 or ME51. In the sales order process, just as for procurement and some other areas of SAP, you have the ability to not only enter header data and order lines, but also schedule those lines for delivery to specific locations on specific dates. Depending on your SAP system configuration, however, you may run into pop-ups and other behaviors that make it difficult to build a robust Winshuttle… Read more

Feb 8, 2013

SEPA, SAP and Winshuttle

Companies in the Euro zone will soon be hitting the EU regulatory D-Day of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). If you’re an existing SAP and possibly Winshuttle customer, you are likely wondering how you’ll meet the deadline in time. Where do you start with your effort and what can you do about making payments after 01 February 2014 if your SEPA initiative is incomplete? First off, you’ll need to understand that SEPA is not an IT project. It has much deeper ramifications for your finance department, cash flow and relations with your business partners. From a pure banking perspective… Read more

Dec 22, 2011

How Winshuttle builds the right products for our customers

One of the common questions that our product management team gets from customers, and internal customers (engineering, support, marketing, sales) is why did you build that product or pick those features? How do you know that you’ve chosen wisely? One of the common mistakes of which I know I’m guilty of is to look at sales both in terms of total dollars and customers. Version 8 of our product suite was great – our sales improved by 50% and our number of customers tripled. That all sounds good at first glance, but it is important to recognize that there are… Read more

Aug 29, 2011

Winds of change

There have been a number of recent changes to SAP installations resulting from the implementation of Basis Support Package 24 and these have the potential to seriously impact those Winshuttle installations using non-batch recording methods. Looking into the Package for BASIS release 7.00 ( SAPKB70024 ) there are more than 500 notes in the release and 933 alone relate to the BASIS components. Consider that Winshuttle products are SAP certified and that the certification is primarily around the Testing Workbench component BC-TWB-TST-CAT. Although Winshuttle products are not testing tools per se, there are components in the SAP landscape that… Read more

Jan 13, 2011

Winshuttle customer survey results

Every year we send out a survey to all the Winshuttle users. What has been great in the past is that we get a really good response with a lot of users completing a pretty lengthy survey (around 50 question on average over the last 3 years). Luckily the trend continues – we only published the survey 36 hours ago and already we have over 500 responses which is fantastic. We send a detailed report to everyone who completes the survey, plus they get a shot at winning an iPad, so I don’t want to give away all the results… Read more