Winshuttle Studio

Nov 18, 2016

Friday Features Series: Allowed Values

This blog series explores interesting Winshuttle product features. This post dives into utilizing the new Allowed Values feature in Studio v11.

Jun 29, 2016

Take a Round-Trip with Winshuttle Studio

In this post, learn how Winshuttle Studio can be used to optimize the creation and maintenance of your data in SAP, including round-trip scenarios

Feb 3, 2016

Studio v.11: A Look into SAP Application Data Transformation

It’s no secret that SAP systems are the target of data sourced from other systems. Oftentimes data from those other systems needs to be tweaked before it can be properly handled in SAP. We see exactly the same scenario with Salesforce systems. Data extracted from SAP for customers for example, is not totally and wholly relevant for Salesforce. Mapping the data during the analysis stage of what and how to push and pull from various systems is an essential step in the process. One of the easiest places to do this, is in Microsoft Excel. Excel is probably one of… Read more

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