Winshuttle Transaction

Nov 18, 2016

Friday Features Series: Allowed Values

This blog series explores interesting Winshuttle product features. This post dives into utilizing the new Allowed Values feature in Studio v11.

Feb 3, 2016

Studio v.11: A Look into SAP Application Data Transformation

It’s no secret that SAP systems are the target of data sourced from other systems. Oftentimes data from those other systems needs to be tweaked before it can be properly handled in SAP. We see exactly the same scenario with Salesforce systems. Data extracted from SAP for customers for example, is not totally and wholly relevant for Salesforce. Mapping the data during the analysis stage of what and how to push and pull from various systems is an essential step in the process. One of the easiest places to do this, is in Microsoft Excel. Excel is probably one of… Read more

Mar 19, 2014

VA01 Sales Order Creation: How to Avoid Annoying Pop-ups

Anyone who has cut their teeth into working with Winshuttle and SAP has probably come to realize that Sales Order Creation transactions like VA21 and VA01 work differently from transactions like FB50, ME21 or ME51. In the sales order process, just as for procurement and some other areas of SAP, you have the ability to not only enter header data and order lines, but also schedule those lines for delivery to specific locations on specific dates. Depending on your SAP system configuration, however, you may run into pop-ups and other behaviors that make it difficult to build a robust Winshuttle… Read more

Jun 18, 2012

Create fit-for-purpose workflows for your Excel data files

Customers who have been using Winshuttle Transaction with Winshuttle Central have for a long time been able to take advantage of the out-of-the-box governance workflows, ensuring that upload scripts and Excel data files are reviewed and approved before being used against any production instances of SAP. This has effectively allowed companies to deploy Winshuttle and realize the benefits more widely across the business, without compromising IT governance requirements. With the release of version 10.3, Winshuttle has extended the workflow capabilities for Winshuttle Transaction and Excel-based scenarios. These additional capabilities are delivered by adding Winshuttle Workflow and Winshuttle Designer to the… Read more

Apr 28, 2011

Creating a lazy ATP check while creating orders with VA01 in SAP

There are a couple of reports that you can run out of SAP that are able to tell you what inventory you have available to fulfill orders but there are also scenarios where you want to be able to do a simulation of an order that actually checks inventory levels. The order entry transaction VA01 supports the checking of inventory (ATP – Availability to Promise) as part of the order entry process and a few extra keystrokes in this screen can give you visibility into inventory levels. Since you are possibly using VA01 to create orders in your SAP system… Read more

Apr 5, 2011

When should I use Winshuttle Transaction to create a ‘report’ versus Winshuttle Query?

In response to a number of questions that have come up recently regarding the capabilities of reporting with Transaction versus Query, I thought I would share these with you by way of a blog post. Winshuttle offers three methods of extracting and reporting data from your SAP system: The first and most preferred method is through the use of Winshuttle Query, a desktop query building application that allows you to join ERP tables, Infosets, and logical databases together in a way that enables you to extract ERP data (including custom fields and tables). This data can be furnished to the… Read more

Jan 6, 2011

SAP GUI 720 and Winshuttle Transaction compatibility

Are you ready for SAP GUI 720 implementation? The good news is that Winshuttle Transaction 10.1 works with this version of the SAP GUI but be sure to check which patches you have applied to your SAP GUI installation, at the time of writing the latest available SAP patch was v4.Several customers have recently upgrade to SAP GUI 720 and encountered some unexpected outcomes. Unfortunately many of these could have been detected in advance if the roll out of the new GUI client had incorporated regression testing of Winshuttle products in advance. Winshuttle’s Transaction 10.1 works with SAP GUI 720…. Read more