Aug 25, 2021 · Laura Michels

Creating Evolve Forms 101

So you’ve recently been given a new Winshuttle Evolve license. What do you do with it? Winshuttle Evolve is a powerful process automation platform that empowers you to make quick…


Jun 7, 2021 · Liz Tran-Wong

Do More with Winshuttle & SAP with BAPIs

Business Application Programming Interface, or BAPIs, is the unsung hero of the SAP platform. Leveraging BAPIs with your Winshuttle product can increase your efficiency, increase your return on investment, and…


May 4, 2021 · Liz Tran-Wong

How to Master Class Characteristics in Studio

Learn everything you need to know about automating classes and characteristics, with a focus on material class characteristics. Topics include an overview of what classes and characteristics are, why they’re…