SAP Master Data Governance

Bring your data governance policies to life

The integrity and timeliness of your master data has major implications for your supply and demand-side business processes. Give it the attention it deserves so you can increase market share while reducing risk and cost.

Improve SAP data quality at scale

IT-centric master data management tools require specialized skills, have long deployment timelines, and are designed to manage the core fields of the big four domains—materials, customers, vendors, and finance.

With Winshuttle software, people without SAP programming skills can build solutions that embed and enforce their business rules across your SAP landscape–enabling you to impact data quality at scale for a fraction of the time and cost of ‘heavy lift’ IT tools and freeing up your SAP IT resources to work on other projects.

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Get data right the first time with proactive data stewardship

Here are just a few of Winshuttle’s data stewardship capabilities that enable you to improve data quality at the point of entry:

Reduce duplicates with built-in checks

Winshuttle web forms support numerical, text, and wildcard searches, making it simple to find existing records and avoid creating duplicates.

Add control with role-based views

Configure web forms or Excel workbooks with fields that are relevant to someone’s role. Choose which fields business people can edit or just view.

Make choosing the right value easier with drop-down lists

Narrow down the available field options by defining preset values with drop-down lists and give users access to SAP F4 lookups from forms or Excel workbooks.

Use logic to drive better data quality

Drive workflow steps and fields presented based on user input by building solutions with smart logic.

Save time and improve quality with “copy from” functionality

Populate data from existing records into web forms or Excel workbooks, then make necessary edits.

Check data before posting with live SAP validation

Enable users to validate data before posting. Winshuttle software presents any errors in language that’s easy to understanding, enabling users to quickly fix issues.

Make fields required—without the hassle

Instantly make fields required in your web forms and eliminate holes in your data without going through the pain of making those fields required in SAP.

Improve data accuracy with third-party web services

Integrate third-party web services like address validation tools into your web forms to improve data quality.

Clean up existing bad data fast

Give the business SAP-enabled Excel workbooks to accelerate your data cleanup activities. Users can quickly download data that needs to be changed, edit the necessary fields, validate the data live against SAP, then upload the new data with a single click.

Winshuttle exchanges data securely with SAP in the background and maintains an audit trail of who changed the data and when.

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