Data Movement

Speed without sacrifice

When you need to move data quickly—and accurately—Winshuttle helps you keep up by automating SAP data movement.

SAP to Excel

Simplify everyday tasks by automating data movement.

Deploy faster

Harness the power of Excel to transfer data in and out of SAP within hours, instead of days or weeks.

Work smarter

Self-service tools allow your teams to deploy on their own, freeing up IT for other priorities.

Onboard easier

Winshuttle’s integration with familiar platforms like Excel makes it easy for your team to learn core tasks.

Get work done faster than ever.

Winshuttle Studio lets you easily upload and download data to and from SAP and Excel, right from your desktop. It combines five powerful modules to help manage and automate transactional data, master data, reporting, round-trip scenarios, and journaling processes—all without any programming.

Empower your team to realize efficiencies in everyday activities, cost savings for your business, and a faster ROI on your SAP investment.

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