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Move faster than your market

Digitize your product launch.

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Meet new consumer demands head on.

Today’s consumers want products that meet their lifestyle, new ways to shop, and greater transparency. That means you need to deliver new products at unprecedented levels of speed and scale. And if you can’t, another company will. Don’t let your SAP launch processes slow you down.

Digitize your new product introduction process with Winshuttle and reduce your cycle time by 50% or more. We help you get product data into your SAP system quickly and manage all critical tasks in between a “go” from R&D and product launch.

Transform your slow, manual and error-prone launches into fast, scalable and agile processes with Winshuttle’s New Product Introduction solution.

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Consumer preferences are changing at a pace that is unprecedented. Driving that change are millennials, who are looking for products that offer health, transparency, convenience, sustainability and especially experience.

Cyrille Filott
Global Strategist for Consumer Food

Need to manage your demand-side product information?

Brand and Product Management

Cut weeks, or even months from product launch times

  • Get to revenue faster
  • Launch more products
  • Be agile to meet changing consumer demand

Get to revenue faster

Product launch management

Get fast, predictable launches with less stress

  • Meet increasing launch demand while staying sane
  • Get the visibility you need to keep launches on track
  • Easily tweak processes for all product variations

Speed your launch

Master Data Management

Automate data collection and improve quality

  • Speed up the collection of critical master data
  • Improve data quality through governance
  • Identify bottlenecks so you can meet SLAs

Speed data collection and improve quality

Featured results for Winshuttle CPG customers

50% cycle time

50% rework efforts

27 product launch scenarios 1 flexible workflow

The fact is that we're getting to market much faster, and that means significant revenue recognition opportunities.

Joseph Wieczorek
Director, Master Data Organization
Reynolds Leveraged Services