Master Data Management

Fast, automated collection

Of your SAP product data.

Learn how to reduce launch cycle times by 50% or more.

Ensure your team is not the bottleneck.

The business needs to launch new products at unprecedented scale and speed—collecting and posting new SAP product data shouldn’t be the bottleneck in the process. Winshuttle provides the software and expertise you need to automate and streamline data collection so that you can meet your SLAs and keep launches on track.

Learn how to reduce launch cycle times by 50% or more.

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Need to manage your demand-side product information?

Get visibility into the data collection process

When time is of the essence, your team needs to know exact process status. Is someone in the business holding things up, or is data ready to be reviewed by the master data team?

Winshuttle helps you build dashboards that give you an at-a-glance view of your process and drill-down capabilities to quickly find problem areas so you can take action to meet your deadlines.

What’s included

Winshuttle’s New Product Introduction solution is more than just software. We come to the table with expert professional services and industry best practices to help you quickly automate and optimize the collection of new product master data.

Learn about the state of SAP product launch processes.

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How it works

Create an optimized data collection workflow and the scripts that exchange data directly with SAP. Our software is designed for master data professionals and requires no ABAP programming, so it’s easy to modify the process.

Business users contribute or approve data via web forms or Excel, and the workflow sends out emails when it’s time for them to participate in the process. A master data expert can then check the data before clicking a button to post into SAP.

We help you build dashboards and reports that all stakeholders in the process can use to see launch status.