Technology Alliance Partnership

Automation Anywhere

Winshuttle is now part of the Technology Alliance Program (TAP) aimed at providing advanced automation capabilities across platforms and use cases.

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Winshuttle Announces collaboration with Automation Anywhere

As part of Automation Anywhere’s Technology Alliance Program (TAP), Winshuttle will offer flexible and secure SAP automation capabilities to companies deploying RPA. The intended integration of Winshuttle and Automation Anywhere technologies will enable enterprise organizations to more rapidly develop robust automation solutions in a low code, no-code environment—allowing them to get to value faster.

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Winshuttle and Automation Anywhere are making a wise, mutually beneficial move here by broadening their go-to-market approaches and ecosystems to cater for the growing base of enterprises leveraging RPA. Winshuttle is a strong addition to the toolbox when the conversation turns to automation of business processes on SAP.

Miriam Deasy
Research Director
HFS Research