Microsoft Office 365

Seamless integration with the cloud

Integration between Office 365 and SAP ERP data and business processes provides many benefits to the business, and is critical for a cloud-based operations strategy. Winshuttle enables tight integration between these applications, allowing your organization to operate at optimal speed, without delays or interruptions.

Get your work done faster with zero delays or impact


Build connectivity without customizations

Non-developers can create and deploy connectivity between on-premise SAP ERP and Office 365 apps like Excel or SharePoint without the need for app development resources or customizations.


Increase SAP productivity

Empowering non-technical users to manage data in SAP ERP through Office 365 apps like Excel and SharePoint saves significant time and money by increasing usability and employee productivity.


Ensure compliance and security

Work from an application that follows standard IT governance and security standards for all interactions between Office 365 and SAP ERP.

Automate, integrate, validate.

Winshuttle’s SAP data management platform allows you to easily upload/download data from Excel to SAP ERP, including S/4 HANA. Winshuttle also offers compelling forms & workflow capabilities as well as very thorough governance and security features.

See results faster—and improve your time to value—with Winshuttle’s integration between SAP ERP and Office 365.

Office 365

Office 365 Integration FAQs

Which Office 365 plan does Winshuttle work with?
Winshuttle works with Office 365 Enterprise Plan E3 or higher. The E3 plan ensures that you still have the office suite apps – Excel, Access, etc. installed on your PC.
Does Winshuttle Studio work with Excel Online?
No. Winshuttle Studio only works with a fully installed Excel on your PC. Office 365 Enterprise Plan E3 allows you to have Excel installed on your PC.
Does Winshuttle User Governance work with SharePoint Online?
Yes. Winshuttle User Governance is now available for SharePoint Online, which is part of your Office 365 subscription.
How does Winshuttle enable a cloud-application like Office 365 to communicate with an on-premise SAP ERP?
Winshuttle Foundation requires the installation of an on-premise small server component that provides the gateway between on-premise ERP and cloud-based Office 365.