Next generation SAP S/4HANA integration

Whether you are implementing SAP S/4HANA ERP for the first time or migrating from an older SAP system, in order to experience the full benefits, you’ll need to get data correct the first time into S/4HANA.

S/4HANA data migration

Leverage Winshuttle Studio to migrate master data or transactional data into S/4HANA. Studio enables you to rapidly automate the movement of data between Microsoft Excel and S/4HANA. Mass data uploads or downloads for financial postings, material management, procurement, and sales can all be done in minutes without programming or any additional software development.

You can record transactions or use SAP tables or BAPIs to rapidly create data movement scenarios that are robust and can be used for sustainment activities long after you have gone live on S/4HANA.

Business Partner data in S/4 HANA created with Winshuttle Studio

Business Partner data in S/4 HANA created with Winshuttle Studio

Scientific Drilling streamlines their SAP S/4HANA migration with Winshuttle

Replace LSMW with Winshuttle solutions

Studio and Foundation provide robust and reliable ways for you to integrate external data from legacy systems and systems that don’t integrate with S/4HANA. Both the business and IT can use transaction recordings, BAPIs and queries to push and pull master data and transactional data from S/4HANA in real-time, accelerating application data maintenance and providing your organization with the right granularity of data according to business needs.

Foundation can be used to augment interaction with S/4HANA from data contributors across the organization in a structured, managed, compliant and auditable way. Solutions developed for use with S/4HANA and Foundation support Excel and web-form based processes for master data governance scenarios for both single records and mass data loads.

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Modernize your custom upload program

S/4HANA offers a very different and simplified data model in many areas like Finance and Materials Management. One implication of this big change in SAP is that any custom upload program for routine transactions like journal entries or mass changes of master data, will need to be recreated.

With Winshuttle, you have a unique opportunity to reduce custom code in SAP. Modernize your uploads and interfaces with Winshuttle, while giving your business users a user-friendly way to manage  data.

ACDOCA table query with Studio

ACDOCA table query with Studio

Certified SAP S/4HANA Integration

Both Studio and Foundation have been certified for integration with S/4HANA, including the latest 1610 version.