Winshuttle vs. LSMW

Thousands of SAP users are choosing Winshuttle Studio as an easy, flexible alternative to LSMW to reduce the burden on IT by enabling the business to manage script creation and maintenance without any required programming.

Winshuttle Studio is a faster, easier alternative to LSMW.


Winshuttle Studio


Easy 3 step process to update master records: Record the transaction, map the fields and run the upload to SAP. 14 step process that is not only manual and time consuming, but also too inflexible for business users.
No required developer-level authorization – Business users can easily create complex SAP scripts from the familiar Excel interface without developer-level access or required IT development. LSMW requires developer-level access, and extensive IT script development and resources.
Winshuttle User Governance allows IT to set the boundaries of what business users are empowered to do, giving more users access to your ERP system without compromising the security or performance of SAP. Does not provide any governance capabilities.
Integrated logging capabilities return data from SAP into the same spreadsheet, making it convenient and quick to correct and reprocess erroneous records. No integrated logging capabilities. Unlike Winshuttle Studio, LSMW does not integrate with Excel and the cumbersome error handing process has hard-stops on errors, and does not provide a description of the identified errors.
Transports are not required to move upload programs from one system to another. Record a script in a QA system and immediately run on production. Transports are required.
A light run-time version of Studio is available for users who are not authorized to create scripts, and can only run previously created scripts. There is not a light run-time version of LSMW – only one version requiring technical expertise.
Easy scheduling options allow you to run scripts in an unattended mode at a specified date and time through an easy built-in scheduler. Send notifications after files run. LSMW does not have unattended after-hours scheduling capabilities.
Studio backs up (downloads) existing SAP data before uploading new data into SAP. Roll back SAP data by reversing the updated data to its state prior to the upload. LSMW does not have the capabilities for fail-safe backups.

What this means for IT

While LSMW is a useful tool for SAP deployment and data migrations, it was not built for everyday use, and its complexity and inflexibility often leads to extensive time and money spent in script development. Studio’s business led, IT enabled solution allows you to reduce the time needed for developing new templates and scripts, without compromising security or governance.

For more information on how to spend less time developing data loading scenarios and more time on configuration and support, read this post to learn about Worcestshire County Council’s transition from LSMW to Winshuttle Studio.

What this means for business users

Winshuttle Studio empowers business users to create complex SAP transactions from the familiar Excel interface in three simple steps instead of the 14 required in LSMW, enabling you to get up and running quickly, with faster data creation and process execution. Studio does not require any developer level authorizations or ABAP programming, allowing you to improve productivity and take control of your own day to day business processes.

For a side by side comparison of using Winshuttle Studio vs. LSMW, read the white paper: An Easy, Flexible Alternative to LSMW for Business Users.

Learn how Winshuttle is a faster, easier alternative to LSMW.