Excel Workflow

Mar 3, 2017

Data Management for SAP – UK

Are manual SAP processes slowing you down? Are data errors in your system disrupting your business operations? Increase productivity and data accuracy by automating your SAP data collection, validation and movement, using familiar interfaces like Excel and without requiring any programming.

Nov 17, 2016

Upload/Download SAP data with Excel – UK

Combine the power of SAP with the usability of Excel: easily upload/download data to SAP using your own spreadsheets, right from your desktop. Automate complex business processes without programming Deliver a faster speed of innovation with rapid upload and download speed of SAP data Validate and simulate data before posting to SAP Build custom Excel templates for mass data entry and updating  

Oct 25, 2016

Automate Material Change Requests with Excel

In this webinar, learn how Winshuttle’s solution for material master updates will enable you to: Create your own upload/download templates for SAP material change requests Utilize an easy Excel-centric experience and reduce your reliance on IT Apply workflow to replace email-based processes for data collection and approval

Sep 28, 2016

Excel Workflow

Winshuttle’s Excel workflow functionality within Foundation allows you to easily route Excel files through a configurable workflow process and approve, reject or reassign workflow tasks, all from the familiar Microsoft Excel interface. This means you now have visibility and traceability you can’t achieve effectively via email; directly from Excel.