Aug 19, 2014

New! Lean Data Management for SAP and SharePoint

You are invited to attend a webinar to learn about Winshuttle’s platform for building lean applications for automating SAP data collection, validation and movement. See how this approach allows business users who are close to the process challenges to take a more active role in process optimization. Winshuttle’s Lean Data Management platform includes core capabilities for everything you need to build SAP workflow applications including:     Data Collection – Automate getting all of the data needed for SAP transactional and master data processes     Data Validation – Built in data validation at the point of entry – get it right… Read more

Jul 15, 2014

Integrate SharePoint and SAP without programming (ANZ)

This is a joint webinar with our Australian partner UXC Oxygen. In this webinar, we show capabilities of Winshuttle products and methods to help you accelerate and automate your business anywhere that SAP is deployed. Also, real world examples of process for SAP Master Data Management, SAP Finance, and other core SAP functions. Learn how you can: Design data entry forms with conditional views based on role and sequence Create, change and apply business rules to intelligently drive processes Monitor progress of in-process workflows

Jun 30, 2014

Learn how Arizona Chemical improves SAP supply chain efficiency using Winshuttle’s workflow solutions

Frustrated by business interruptions in the supply chain leading to production downtime? If you answered yes, you need to see just how easy it is to improve the efficiency of your supply chain operations. What You Will Learn At this free webinar see how Arizona Chemicals used Winshuttle to:     Reduce production downtime by improving tracking of spare parts     Improve supply chain efficiency by making continuous improvements to master data, following a lean approach     Avoid business interruptions caused by errors or omissions in master data

Mar 25, 2014

Integre Excel e SharePoint com SAP, sem nenhuma programação

Winshuttle software permite aos clientes integrar facilmente Microsoft SharePoint e Excel com SAP, sem programação e sem qualquer impacto em seu sistema SAP. Neste webinar você vai ver como não-programadores podem usar Winshuttle para: Habilitar o Microsoft Excel como um front-end seguro para carga e extração de dados do SAP Construir modelos personalizados do Excel para entrada de dados em massa e atualizações Usar o Microsoft SharePoint para adicionar fluxo de trabalho e automação de processos para soluções baseadas em Excel Simplificar os processos de sua empresa através da conexão do SharePoint e SAP, sem qualquer programação Aumentar a sua… Read more

Mar 3, 2014

A Better Way to Integrate SharePoint and SAP

Winshuttle Foundation provides easy Forms-Based Business Process Automation for SAP customers. See how this solution allows seamless integration between Microsoft SharePoint and SAP, enabling you to roll out SAP-based business process to a much wider organization.

Jan 27, 2014

Learn how to Accelerate SAP Consumer Goods Product Time to Market

Are you frustrated by critical data trapped in siloed systems, leading to a number of problems. You need consistent information on materials and products as well as their lineage from suppliers. Perfect Master Data is possible. In this webinar, we’ll show you how you can reduce the time it takes to create new products and increase visibility, which means faster time-to-market and allows YOU to be more competitive. In this webinar, you will learn how non-programmers use Winshuttle to: Bring products to market quicker by increasing the speed of material, finished goods and seasonal article creation in SAP Accelerate M&A… Read more

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